Sensory Neurobiology Group 

A Division of the Queensland Brain Institute

Led by Professor Justin Marshall, as a group we are interested in addressing fundamental questions about how animals perceive, communicate and interact with themselves, other animals and their environment. What can they see that we miss? How is information from the environment decoded? How do the physical constraints of the environment shape visual systems?

To tackle these questions we use an integrated approach based on visual system anatomy, physiology, ecology, behavior and neural integration with a focus on marine organisms. We also spill into technological development of underwater and laboratory-based tools, bio-inspired engineering and other sensory systems such as the vibration sensitive lateral line.

At heart we are visual ecologists interested in animals because we love them!


MEET THE TEAM The Marshall Lab has members from many different countries working together to understand more about animal vision and its applications. In addition there are many different collaborators who share their knowledge and passion for life under the sea. Meet them here

Our Research Areas 

CORALWATCH CoralWatch is a non-profit citizen-science organisation based out of the Marshall Lab. It is a community data gathering and environmental awareness project now in use in more than 80 countries and translated into 12 languages. Find Out More


Title stomatopod video courtesy of Mike Bok.