Our Lab Team 

Prof Justin

Marshall Lab Head
JUSTIN is an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow in the Queensland Brain Institute with affiliated professorships in the School of Biological Sciences and the School of Biomedical Sciences. He leads the Sensory Neurobiology Group (Marshall Lab).
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Dr Karen

Research Fellow
KAREN is a Research Fellow in the School of Biological Sciences and an affiliated member of QBI. She is our closest collaborator at UQ and works on fish and nudibranchs.

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Dr Simon

Lab Manager
SIMON is the Manager and Research Coordinator of the Marshall Group. Lab and Fieldwork Management/Support: Boating, Diving Operations, Sample Collection and Processing, Aquarium, Logistics, Safety and Finances
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Post Doc 

Dr Wen-Sung

Post Doc
WEN-SUNG is interested in cephalopod diversity and their sensory ecology. His current research is continuing to describe and explain the new retinal design elements, and undertaking more behavioural observations on both shallow and deep-living species, large and small. He is co-author on a new book about Taiwanese cephalopods.
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Dr Fabio

Post Doc
FABIO is a fish fanatic. He is leading the charge into two areas; visual ecology and evolution of colour vision in reef fish. He uses cutting edge transcriptomics and hand nets and buckets in his work.
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Dr Fanny
de Busserolles

Post Doc
FANNY‘s main research interests lay in visual ecology, sensory systems, marine biology and deep-sea ecology /biology/diversity. She is particularly fascinated by the deep-sea environment and how its inhabitants have adapted to see in dim light conditions and for viewing bioluminescence.
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Dr Martin Luehrmann

Post Doc
Martin recently finished his PhD investigating visual system evolution and ecology of cardinalfishes. He is continuing his work on reef fish visual ecology by studying the molecular basis of colour vision in anemonefish, triggerfish, and soldier- and squirrelfish.
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Dr Samuel

Post Doc
SAMUEL  works on applying what we learn about marine vision to engineering applications. His interests lie in optical sensors, imaging, and their applications.
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Dr Sara Mae

Post Doc
SARA‘s research focus lies in animal communication and sensory processing. In particular, she is interested in vision in both vertebrates and invertebrates and how animals perceive their environment, how evolutionary forces shape sensory systems, and how flexible visual systems cope with varying visual needs.
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Dr Hanne

Post Doc
HANNE is is one of the leaders in mantis shrimps research and as well as training the animals in colour vision is interested in how the message from the outside world is decoded on the way to the brain.
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PhD Students 


PhD Student
LILY is a PhD student under the supervision of  Prof Justin Marshall and Dr Fanny de Busserolles. She is exploring the development of vision in fish with contrasting habitats and lifestyles and how extraordinary ecological changes over a fish’s lifetime can shape and colour its visual system.
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PhD Student
NAOMI a PhD student under the supervision of Karen Cheney, Justin Marshall and Katrina McGuigan is investigating fish colour vision and predator psychology. Her primary fish model is the triggerfish and she is getting them to do colour vision tests.
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Heather Middleton

PhD Student
HEATHER is a PhD student under the supervision of Prof Justin Marshall and Rob Capon focussing on the olfactory systems of elasmobranchs.

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PhD Student
GABRIELLA loves squid and is hoping to understand their language out in the field. How do squid talk to each other and what makes them the best invertebrate predator on the planet?
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PhD Student
AMY is a PhD student under the supervision of  Prof Justin Marshall and Miriam Henze and is focussing on how stomatopods process visual signals within their complex retinas.

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PhD Student
VALERIO is currently a visiting MSc student and a prospective PhD student under the supervision of  Prof Justin Marshall, Dr Fabio Cortesi, and Dr Fanny de Busserolles. He is investigating how developement shapes the visual system of the spotted unicornfish and opsin genes evolution in surgeonfish.

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Cedric van den Berg

PhD Student
 CEDRIC is a PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Simon Bloomberg, Prof John Endler, Prof Justin Marshall and Dr Karen Cheney. He is looking at the function of colour patterns in a number of animal systems including nudibranchs and fish.                                                                                                                          
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Hong Vo

PhD Student
HONG is a PhD student under the supervision of  Prof Justin Marshall focussing on Stomatopod vision.
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Laurie Mitchell

PhD Student
Laurie is a PhD student under the supervision of  Prof Justin Marshall, Karen Cheney and Fabio Cortesis focussing on Clownfish vision.
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Ching-Wen Wang

PhD Student
Ching-Wen is a PhD student under the supervision of Prof Justin Marshall and Wen-Sung Chung focussing on Stomatopod vision.

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Lab Help 

Other Staff 


CoralWatch Manager
DIANA  is the CoralWatch Project Manager (Education) and the co-author and designer of the book “Coral Reefs and Climate Change”. She is a superb graphic artist.
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Dr Monique

Project Manager
MONIQUE has just joined the CoralWatch team as manager and coordinator. She is amazingly well organised, quite Dutch but still very nice.

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Translator/Indonesian Consultant
DR KRISANTINI is our invaluable contact, friend and collaborator in Indonesia and here at UQ. She has helped roll out CoralWatch in Indonesia and set up workshops and both university and government visits to that beautiful country.

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Marshall Lab Alumni 

  • Hing Ang
  • Mathilde Bue
  • Cassie Bryant
  • Trent Brooks-Richards
  • Dr Conner Champ
  • Dr Tsyr-Huei Chiou
  • Dr Angela Dean
  • Dr Andy Dunstan
  • Will Feeney
  • Dr Adrian Flynn
  • Dr Kerstin Fritsches
  • Alejhandra Lopez Galan
  • Dr Yakir Gagon
  • Dr Paloma Gonzalez-Bellido
  • Kylie Grieg
  • Fran Hausmann
  • Dr Kyra Hay
  • Dr Miriam Henze
  • Dr Martin How
  • Dr Sonja Kleinlogel
  • Ian Leiper
  • Dr Tom Lisney
  • Dave Logan
  • Dr Lydia Mathger
  • Eva McClure
  • Kylie McPherson
  • Dr Sara Ostlund-Nilsson
  • Mickey Pascoe
  • Dr Meri Peach
  • Jim Peereboom
  • Dr Genevieve A.C. Phillips
  • Elisa Pietzker
  • Dr Vincenzo Pignatelli
  • Elise Roberts
  • Vivien Rothernburger
  • Dr Qamar Schuyler
  • Dr Ulirike Siebeck
  • Niklas Simon
  • Dr Charlotta Skogh
  • Shanee Stopnitzky
  • Dr Chris Talbot
  • Melitta Tanzer
  • Rachel Templin
  • Dr Hanne Thoen
  • Holly Urquhart
  • Dr Misha Vorobyev
  • Dr Samantha Waller
  • Jolly Yang