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Martin recently finished his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Justin Marshall and Dr. Karen Cheney investigating the visual system evolution and visual ecology of coral reef cardinalfishes. Now, as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Marshall Lab, he is continuing his work on reef fish visual ecology, mainly by studying the molecular basis of colour vision in anemonefish, triggerfish, and soldier- and squirrelfish.

Prior to relocating to Australia for his PhD, Martin has done research investigating neurophysiological mechanisms underlying neuromuscular control of insect locomotion (Bueschges Lab, University of Cologne), the cognitive abilities of Zebra sharks (Dehnhardt Lab, University of Rostock & Hagenbeck’s Zoo), and the ecology of leopard sharks (Dr. Andrew Nosal, SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography).


Martin is interested in understanding the evolutionary history of adaptive processes that link environmental changes to the rise and demise of species. By studying the visual systems of fish, one of the oldest and the most speciose groups of all vertebrates dating back to the Cambrian (jawless fish) and Ordovician (jawed fish) periods, he seeks to learn how evolving sensory systems provide selective advantages and may thus affect speciation.

To do this Martin employs a wide range of techniques, including molecular approaches such as RNAseq, FISH, or qRT-PCR, comparative phylogenetics, histology, microspectrophotometry (MSP), behavioural training, and field studies.

2009 BSc University of Cologne, Germany
2012 MSc University of Rostock, Germany
2018 GradDipEd Edith Cowan University, Australia
2019 PhD The University of Queensland, Australia


2019-2020 Senior Research Assistant, The University of Queensland, Australia
2020-present Postdoctoral Research Fellow, The University of Queensland, Australia